Growth and sustainability in harmony


The sustainable orientation of its business activities is a high priority for Best in Parking. Only the interaction of different sustainability aspects makes the company fit for the future and ensures long-term success. Sustainability not only includes environmental issues, but also takes into account social aspects as well as focal points for good corporate governance.


  • Supporting public administrations in the development of climate-friendly mobility concepts
    (e.g. lower CO2 emissions due to less traffic searching for parking spaces)
  • Support for the creation of additional inner-city green spaces
  • Climate-sensitive planning of new parking areas through optimal use of space as well as building materials
  • Expansion of the e-charging network from currently 503 charging points to over 1,000
  • Expansion of own electricity production - 5 additional photovoltaic systems planned


  • Increasing the quality of life in in the cities through additional open spaces
  • Reduction of stationary traffic in favor of areas for gastronomy and relaxation
  • Preservation of cultural heritage through restoration of monuments
  • Optimization of accessibility in the garages


  • Compliance with the Austrian Corporate Governance Code
  • 50% quota of women on the Supervisory Board
  • Implementation of non-financial indicators into the remuneration system


Number of e-charging points


Number of disabled parking lots


production capacity for solar energy in kWp

Sustainable mobility concepts

Around 70% of the world's population will live in cities in 2050. This will lead to major challenges, particularly with regard to mobility and city planning. In addition to that cars will also remain an important part of the mobility mix. From 2014 to 2020, the number of vehicles in Europe increased from 224.2 million to 250.4 million - and the trend is continuing, as shown by the rising number of registrations.
With innovative concepts, a focus on sustainability and a commitment to digitalization, Best in Parking delivers efficient and sustainable solutions that counteract both land sealing and CO2 emissions.

In light of the rapid shift to fully electrified powertrains - in Europe, 78% of vehicle sales are expected to be electric or hybrid cars by 2030 - Best in Parking has successively expanded the number of available e-charging stations.
Best in Parking already offers 503 e-charging points in its parking garages. In light of the ongoing shift to e-mobility, the Group plans to significantly expand its network of charging stations for electric vehicles and, where possible, to operate them with self-generated solar energy.

Shared mobility services will also continue to grow in importance and could be another opportunity for parking operators.


  • Currently 503 e-charging points in operation, with expansion to 1,000 points planned by 2025
  • Costs are settled in one payment process together with the parking ticket or via the Bmove app

Photovoltaic systems

  • Renewable energy generation to power the sites and e-charging stations
  • 1 site in operation, further 5 sites planned

Sustainability focus

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Sustainable planning

Planning new projects with a strong focus on sustainability.

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Livable cities

Creating new urban spaces with as much greenery as possible.

Charging von E-Autos und E-Fahrzeugen

Mobility hub

Garages connected with public transport and E-vehicles charging and sharing. 


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Green energy

Using surfaces for production of green electricity for own consumption and e-charging. 

Best in Mobility Sharing


Offering e-sharing to ensure individual and sustainable mobility for the city. 

Mit aktiven Digitalisierungsprojekten verbessern wir Nachhaltigkeit und Kundenexperience. @Pixabay

Digitalization & Efficiency

Increasing efficiency through digital processes and the use of the latest building technologies.