Growth and sustainability in harmony


Half of the world’s population now lives in cities and urban areas – precisely the areas that are facing strong growth around the world. 

By 2050, around 70% of the world’s population is set to live in cities. This will lead to complex challenges, especially in terms of mobility and spatial planning. 

Thanks to our innovative concepts, focus on sustainability and commitment to digitalisation, we are making an important contribution to the future.


Number of e-charging points


Number of disabled parking lots


Renewable energy production in kWp p.a.

Sustainability focus

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Sustainable planning

Planning new projects with a strong focus on sustainability.

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Livable cities

Creating new urban spaces with as much greenery as possible.

Charging von E-Autos und E-Fahrzeugen

Mobility hub

Garages connected with public transport and E-vehicles charging and sharing. 


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Green energy

Using surfaces for production of green electricity for own consumption and e-charging. 

Best in Mobility Sharing


Offering e-sharing to ensure individual and sustainable mobility for the city. 

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Increasing efficiency through the use of the latest building technologies.

Mit aktiven Digitalisierungsprojekten verbessern wir Nachhaltigkeit und Kundenexperience. @Pixabay


Reducing waste and increasing efficiency trough digital processes.