State-of-the-art design solutions

Project Development

DBFOM – Best in Parking implements the entire vertical chain of services.

  • Design -idea and planning
  • Build - construction and project implementation
  • Finance - financing
  • Operate - operation through our professional staff 
  • Maintain - high-level maintenance

Millions of parking transactions per year and satisfied customers are proof of our sector-specific know-how.


When implementing a successful parking management project, we take a wide variety of aspects into account, among them:

  • the choice of site,
  • planning geared to ensuring efficient and, above all, customer-orientated operation combined with the professional involvement of all relevant public bodies, and
  • an architecturally appealing and sustainable design of the structures and their surface, taking into account all possible improvements for both the planning environment and the environment itself.

With optimised planning as our starting point, we work with internal experts and long-standing external partners to implement projects, while always taking into account the interests of local residents and the environment in the best possible way.



We take over financing during the implementation and operation phase to ensure that the projects are successfully realised.

We ensure customer-orientated, cost-efficient and resource-saving operation through forward-looking planning that, among other things, takes into account state-of-the-art technology that ensures the highest possible safety, environmental and energy efficiency standards.


Maintenance and value retention

“Best in Parking” says it all. We guarantee a high quality daily parking experience in our comfortable, safe and clean parking zones and garages.  Moreover, the lifecycles of our existing sites are constantly being extended by additional long-term investments and renovations guaranteeing a positive environmental impact. This starts with maintenance works on buildings and servicing hardware such as gates, barrier systems or security and video systems, and goes all the way to using intelligent building technology to ensure that resources are used responsibly.

References - Living space for people and mobility

Neuer Markt - Rechte beachten
Historic square becomes a meeting zone

The Neue Markt in Vienna with underground parking since September 2022


We create valuable space for people in cities, that is the mission of Best in Parking AG. This became reality, for example, with the redesign of the Neuer Markt in Vienna's 1st district. A confusing square, heavily frequented by vehicles, has been transformed into a promenade and oasis of calm with shady plane trees. The economy in the city center also benefits from the attractiveness of the Neuer Markt. Best in Parking was the project operator and partner of the city in the redesign of Neuer Markt and the construction of the underground parking garage. Completion was on schedule in September 2022.

Conveniently accessible via Albertinaplatz as well as Tegetthoffstraße, the site offers 364 car parking spaces and 39 parking spaces for single-lane vehicles on four underground levels. Under the "Best in Mobility" brand, Best in Parking also provides 24 charging stations for e-vehicles ("e-charging"). During planning and construction, emphasis was placed on sustainable and durable construction. The technical infrastructure, including lighting and guidance systems, is state-of-the-art.

Corso Galilei Ferrari 05
Reference project 2017: Corso Galileo Ferraris

Regain living space and new garage developed by Best in Parking


Redesigning of Corso Galileo Ferraris in the center of Turin is one of the most exciting references in the history of Best in Parking. In 2001 the city started to consider clearing various squares of traffic and locating cars in garages.

Our italian subsidiary company Parcheggi Italia S.p.a. was significantly involved in the planning and redesign of the square as lead manager and is currently the operator of the garage with the same name. During construction works, which started in November 2014, several historical findings were discovered. In 2016 it was decided to construct a special exhibition space in connection with the “Pietro Micca” museum.

The Corso Galileo Ferraris underground car park with 304 spaces and the Cernaia car park with 94 spaces were opened in 2017. The license runs for 99 years.

Corso Galilei Ferraris 2014-2017

Corso Galileo Ferrari Turin
Corso Galileo Ferrari Turin
Corso Galileo FerrarisTurin
Corso Galileo Ferraris Turin
Corso Galileo FerrarisTurin
Corso Galileo Ferraris Turin
Corso Galileo Ferraris Turin
Corso Galileo Ferraris Turin
Corso Galileo Ferraris Turin
Corso Galileo Ferraris Turin
Corso Galileo Ferraris Turin
Corso Galileo Ferraris Turin
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