Best in Parking goes solar: parking garage at the Prater in Vienna is energy self-sufficient


The new PV system at Best in Parking AG with an output of 295 kWp produces more electricity than the multi-level car park needs. 16 EV chargers are also supplied with green electricity. The future clearly belongs to e-mobility, which is why Best in Parking's EV charger network is also soon to be expanded to 1,000 chargers powered by green energy.

Vienna, 7 December 2022. As a leading developer, owner and operator of parking and mobility infrastructure in Central and Southeastern Europe, Best in Parking is also setting new standards in the industry in terms of sustainability: The Prater parking garage with over 400 barrier-free parking spaces and 16 chargers features one of the largest photovoltaic systems in the heart of Vienna. The system consists of 750 solar panels covering a total area of 1,400 m2 and a peak output of 295 kWp. This translates into an annual energy production of around 330,000 kWh. Thanks to an intelligent energy storage system, no valuable energy is lost, because the system also supplies chargers and provides efficient LED lighting at night. The electricity that goes beyond the parking garage’s needs is fed into the Wien Energie grid.
“The future belongs to e-mobility and this requires full-coverage charging infrastructure. Parking garages can fulfill this function, which is why they will become the charger stations of the future. We are supporting this development by expanding to 1,000 chargers very soon,” says Johann Breiteneder, CEO of Best in Parking AG, and adds: “E-mobility is only sustainable if the electricity needed also comes from renewable energy sources. The PV system in the Prater parking garage is a pilot project that has delivered excellent results; in the medium term, a further four photovoltaic systems will follow on our above ground multi-level car parks in Vienna.”

"Climate protection is decided in the cities. To achieve the energy turnaround, we need a massive expansion of renewable energies. Last year, we launched the largest photovoltaic offensive in the city's history. But to achieve the energy turnaround, we also need private partners. I am therefore pleased that Best in Parking AG is at our side, because only together can we achieve the major goal of making Vienna climate-neutral by 2040," explains Peter Hanke, City Councillor for Finance and Economic Affairs.

Cooperation with EEG-Elements Energy GmbH
This trend-setting sustainability project was developed together with the Styrian startup EEG - Elements Energy GmbH and financed by Best in Parking. It includes the photovoltaic system, an energy storage system for day-night compensation, load management and an emergency power function for essential infrastructure. The system can store up to 400 kWh and is called “Johann”, after the famous Styrian Archduke.

Best in Mobility is a pioneer in urban mobility
Since the beginning of 2022, Best in Parking's e-mobility initiatives have been bundled under the “Best in Mobility” brand. The range includes charger stations that run on 100% green electricity, as well as two and four-wheeled EV sharing for individual “last mile” mobility. EV charging is already offered at over 50 locations in Austria, and the network consists of 276 chargers (the
group has a total of 463 chargers including those outside Austria). EV sharing is currently available at four parking garages in Vienna: Volkertstraße (2nd District), Karmelitermarkt (2nd), Schwarzenbergplatz (3rd) and Mittersteig (5th).