Best in Parking AG acquires stake Flexiskin GmbH


The high-quality coating and sealing of structures, especially garages and bridges, is the speciality of Flexiskin GmbH from Vienna. With its self-developed and patented products, Flexiskin extends the service life of buildings - and thus makes them stable in value and sustainable. 

The coating specialist was founded in 2012 by Helmut Rojek and currently employs 25 people. The main product is Flexiskin Grip for coating garage surfaces; the patent protection is valid in over 40 countries. The most important sales countries are Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. 250,000 m2 of garage surfaces have already been successfully coated.

Best in Parking AG has been working successfully with Flexiskin GmbH for many years; in the renovation as well as in the construction of new garages, for example in Turin (Corso Galilei Ferraris) or in the underground garage at Neuer Markt in Vienna, which will be opened in September 2022.

To support further expansion, Best in Parking AG is taking a stake in Flexiskin GmbH and acquiring 51% of the shares. Mr Rojek remains on board and will continue to manage Flexiskin's fortunes.

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