Neuer Markt Vienna: Further XL trees complement green ambience


Climate-friendly and green. This is how the Neuer Markt has been since its grand opening in September. Now four more plane trees have been planted to create a shady microclimate.

For a long time, the Neuer Markt was an unwelcoming square dominated by cars. This circumstance could be changed through the cooperation between Best in Parking and the City of Vienna. The construction of an underground parking garage and the addition of green areas transformed the Neuer Markt into an urban living room with opportunities to stroll and linger. Therefore trees, green areas and water elements, which keep the square pleasantly cool even in the hot months have been added to provide a better quality of stay.

In a final implementation step, four additional XL trees have now been planted. These 25-year-old trees are characterized by their large crowns, which can already provide sufficient shade. In total, the Neuer Markt and Albertinaplatz have ten trees of this type, which, in addition to misting systems, green areas and water features, contribute their part to the climate-friendly transformation of the square.

In view of the finalization of the Neuer Markt, Planning City Councillor Ulli Sima is delighted with the successful cooperation between the city, district and Best in Parking:
"The Neuer Markt has become beautiful, the revision of the plans has really paid off, the former parking lot has become a new meeting place in the city.'' Johann Breitender, CEO of Best in Parking AG, emphasized in this regard already at the opening in September: ''The aim of the project was to create infrastructure for motorized individual transport, to make the city center more attractive and to increase the quality of life in this densely built-up environment, as well as to improve the climate. Entirely in line with the requirements of a modern smart city." With the successful transformation of Neuer Markt into a traffic-free encounter zone, Best in Parking has succeeded in achieving this goal and creating an urban living space for residents and visitors.