Short-term parking & Long-term parking

Garage Neuer Markt

Neuer Markt
1010 Wien

Car spaces 365
Motorbike spaces 39
Charging Stations 20
Opening hours 0-24
Entrance height 2.10m


Short-term parking

0 - 1 hour 4.70 2.50
Each additional hour 4.70 3.50
Daily rate / 24 hours 39.90 35.90
Evening rate 18-24 Uhr 6.00


1 kWh (Best in Mobility) 0.49 0.49

Long-term parking

Weekly pass (purchase in advance)

1 week* From April until October 295.00
1 week* From November until March 345.00
1 month* From April until October 630.00
1 month* From November until March 736.00

Long-term parking

Monthly contract (p.m.)* From April until October 600.00 Sold out
Monthly contract (p.m.)* From November until March 706.00 Sold out
Motorcycle (p.m.) From April until October 160.00
Motorcycle (p.m.) From November until March 176.00
Charging stations operated by


The current charging fee can be found on the notice board at the respective location.
Charging stations operated by Best in Mobility




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