Bmove, the smartphone parking App, has been launched in Austria


The parking app Bmove allows easy, contactless and cheaper parking by using a smartphone. Entry and exit barriers in garages open automatically upon approximation using license plate recognition. The payment is settled electronically in the background.

On the 18th of July 2022 the smartphone parking app started in Austria.

Bmove users can park using our new digital solution in 8 garages of Best in Parking AG.

Moreover, using Bmove helps to save money!

The prices for Bmove users in Best in Parking garages are reduced in comparison to the usual short-term parking tariffs.

The garages are located in the 1st and 3rd district in Austria’s capital city Vienna:

  • Kärntnerstraße Tiefgarage / Oper, 1010 Vienna, in front of Kärntnerstraße 51
  • Garage Palais Corso, 1010 Vienna, Mahlerstraße 12
  • Garage am Hof, 1010 Vienna, Am Hof 1
  • Garage Hoher Markt, 1010 Vienna, Sterngasse 5
  • Garage Georg Cochplatz, 1010 Vienna, Georg Coch Platz
  • Garage Robert Stolz Platz, 1010 Vienna, Robert Stolz Platz
  • Garage Schwarzenbergplatz, 1030 Vienna, Schwarzenbergplatz 5 / Am Heumarkt 39
  • Garage beim Palais Schwarzenberg, 1030 Vienna, Schwarzenbergplatz 9

The Bmove app is available at the iOS App Store and Google Play store for free. Payments can be handled with Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Additional garages of Best in Parking in Austria will be soon equipped with the necessary technical equipment allowing Bmove transaction.

Be innovative, park smart with Bmove.