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Best in Parking Croatia manages numerous garages, parking lots and provides parking monitoring services in several cities. We use our experience to offer safe and reliable solutions for clients and customers.

Not every carpark is the same. Needs can vary - short-term parking for a shopping trip, long-term parking for work, parking with charging stations for electric vehicles, overnight parking for clients, parking during social events, or parking coupons for customers. We always have the right solution for your needs.

Our services:

Short-term parking

Each short-term parking is charged individually. There is no contractual obligation and payment can be made in cash, by credit card, or with parking coupons which can be purchased in certain shops, or with a digital parking application such as Bmove. 

Short-term parking with the Bmove application – contactless and digital

The Bmove parking application enables you to pay for parking with your mobile phone. Following user account activation in the application, you can use contactless payment for parking in garages or outdoors. Once your license plate is verified by the system, entry and exit barriers open automatically. Upon leaving the parking site, you will be charged the appropriate amount for parking via the bank account you have provided. There is no need for parking tickets or cash, you can simply use our parking service and pay digitally. With the Bmove application, you can make payments in more than 100 cities throughout Croatia and in other countries. More information can be found in the Bmove application or at 

Parking with credit card

Depending on your location, payment for parking services can be made with credit cards. Your credit card provider will automatically charge the appropriate parking fee.

Weekly parking ticket

Weekly parking tickets are available for periods of one to a maximum four weeks. For a predetermined fee you can park in the garage without time restrictions within the chosen period. Specific parking spaces cannot be booked, but you are free to choose a parking space within designated parts of the garage. A weekly parking ticket can be purchased from the garage cashier.

Long-term parking

If you have a long-term parking contract, you can park in the garage for a monthly or annual fee. Entry and exit is usually managed with a contactless parking ticket. A parking space can be chosen freely within a designated area of the garage, and entry is allowed even when the garage is marked as fully occupied. There is a minimum contractual term which has to be observed.

Park & Ride

If you are coming from outside the city and want to switch from your car to public transport, you can use one of our Park & Ride garages which offer affordable fixed prices for daily, weekly, monthly, or annual parking tickets.

Overnight parking

With an overnight parking contract, for a monthly or annual fee you can use our carpark within certain time periods (e.g. 6 PM to 8 AM workdays, around the clock weekends and holidays). Entry and exit is managed with a contactless parking ticket. A parking space can be chosen freely within a designated area of the garage. Note the minimum contractual term. Parking outside the determined time period is charged at short-term parking rates.

Leaving your vehicle in the garage for a longer period

If during a certain time period, e.g. your vacation, you want to park your car in a garage but its location is not that important, we will be glad to let you know by phone or e-mail where an affordable parking space is available in your city for a specific time at a fixed price.

Discount tickets

Clients with discount parking contracts can park in participating garages 24 hours a day for a discounted monthly fee. Entry and exit is managed with a contactless parking ticket. A parking space can be chosen freely within a designated area of ​​the garage. The minimum contractual term is 12 months. Payment by direct debit only.

Value tickets

Value tickets are available with a predetermined amount of credit and may be purchased from the garage cashier at a discounted price (payment by cash or credit card). 

Special offer for entrepreneurs:

Tickets for events

If the event organiser has signed a contract with one of our garages, visitors can get discounted parking. More information can be found on the websites of individual garages. Discounts can be redeemed using stamps on the parking ticket, handing in a discount card or by purchasing an additional ticket directly from the event organiser.

Credit parking cards

With credit parking cards, you or your clients can pay short-term parking fees at the ticket terminal. Charged parking time is printed. Simply insert the short-term parking ticket into the terminal, and then insert your parking credit card. Many of our partner shops offer this service to their customers.

Hotel tickets

Hotel tickets are customised according to the length of your stay. With this ticket you can use the garage as much as you want. Regardless of whether you first entered the garage using a short-term parking ticket or a hotel ticket, your first entry into the garage marks the beginning of the parking validity period. This service is available in hotels near certain garages and includes unlimited parking service during your stay at the hotel for a predetermined fee.