Best in Mobility: charging and sharing in the garage


Best in Parking AG sets the course for the future and initiates Best in Mobility. Garages are increasingly becoming important mobility hubs. In addition to the connection to public transport, the garage of the future offers new services for customers, residents and companies. 

The offer includes e-charging stations that are operated 100% with green electricity, as well as two- and four-wheeled e-sharing vehicles for the "last mile".

While e-charging is already offered at 50 Best in Parking locations in Austria, e-sharing is brand new.

E-sharing is currently available at two locations in Vienna, in the Volkertstrasse (2nd district) and Mittersteig (5th) garages. From May 2022, the Karmelitermarkt (2nd) and Schwarzenbergplatz (3rd) garages will be added.

For more information look at the special sections for charging and sharing. 

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