Progress in the construction of the city centre garages in Novi Sad


In Novi Sad, Serbia, Best in Parking is building four new city centre garages by 2026, two of them are already under construction. Construction works on the Modena and Banovina projects are progressing rapidly.

Construction works on the Modena garage, which will offer 273 parking spaces on three underground levels, started in May 2022. Since then, among others, all necessary preparations have been made for the construction of the garage's main beam. In addition, excavation has begun in order to install the required anchors and piles. The completion of the first project phase is expected in December 2022.

Since July 2022 also intensive works have been carried out on the Banovina garagewith 167 parking spaces on two underground levels. The groundwater occurring during the excavation work could be drained by drilling two internal wells. In a next step, a first part of the base plate as well as braces on it were implemented. Also, for this project the completion of the first construction phase is scheduled for December 2022.

With the construction of these two centrally located and modern underground car parks, Best in Parking contributes to the car-free redesign of the historic city centre of Novi Sad and thus creates an appealing urban living space for residents and visitors of the city.